Brand Identity

Branding is all what visually represents the personality and values ​​of a company, a product or a service. It’s like creating an emotional bond through the various media.

Branding means understanding the needs of your consumers, respecting them and trying to increase brand loyalty.

The logo is the first contact with the consumer, creates an important “first impression”, but it cannot be enough. The brand expresses the style of a company and it must be extended to every expression of its business.

Studio GT&P has created and upgraded brands for over 30 years, revitalizing them and implementing their visibility.

We know how to read the market data and create excellent projects, whether it be the design of a brand, a packaging, a brochure or a website.

Our first goal is to create a brand that interests regular consumers and attracts new ones, communicating the personality of the brand through an elegant and engaging design.

Our creativity ranges from graphic design to brand identity, to web design, so we are able to present your brand to consumers with a unified style.

Whether it’s packaging design, brochures, catalogs, annual reports, presentations or marketing printouts, our creative team can help you communicate your brand immediately.

brand identity


  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Typography & Color Palette
  • Tagline
  • Company Profile

  • Corporate Brand applications
    (stationery design, signs, vehicles, uniforms, shopping bags, etc.)
  • Product brand application
    (packaging, brochure, trade folder, display)
  • Brand Identity Manual

letterhead design, business card design, grafica carta intestata, design biglietto da visita

Corporate & Visual Identity

A consistent corporate image must be built from the foundations and the cornerstone of each brand is its visual identity system.

Logos, typography, color palettes, letterheads, forms, iconography, signage system, employee uniforms, outdoor advertising, company vehicles, packaging design, advertising, catalogs, brochures and leaflets are all elements of a system of corporate identity.

Studio GT&P helps you create an effective corporate identity system.

Brand Identity Manual

The Studio GT& P realizes brand and corporate identity manuals, which, through written guidelines, define a set of rules that explain how your brand works, to have a faithful application of the brand identity.

The brand identity manual (or brand book) will help all those who work with the brand (employees, designers, printers, sign makers, etc.) to maintain its nature and peculiarities unaltered and allow the brand to be more easily recognizable.

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