Food Packaging Design

Food packaging design has a great function of addressing consumer purchasing choices. The appearance of a product plays a key role, wins the competition and reassures the consumer on the quality and convenience of the product content.

The most important thing to take into consideration when creating food packaging design is to try to enter the consumer’s head and imagine the desires and needs that they have at the time of purchase.

The product must have that something more than the others, must have a reliable appearance and must hit the imagination of the consumer. Through the use of a particular box, well-designed bottles, or a correct combination of colors and characters, it is possible to attract the attention of the consumer before the competitors and convince them, make him understand that you are the right choice.

With our thirty years experience in the sector we are able to create packaging for attractive food and drinks, which affect and reassure the buyer, whether it is existing products to be revitalized or new ones to be created.

We do not just design the packaging of your products (boxes, labels, bags, shrink sleeves, …), but we also design displays (both on-the-counter and floor-stand, in any material), point of sale material and direct marketing campaigns to support the sale of your products.

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San Potente, Italy
Logo and EVO Oil Label Design


Rawasi Al Kaleej, Lybia
Pasta packaging design

Nambisan’s Dairy, India
Ghee Packaging design


Epicure Garden, U.S.A.

Saffron Logo & packaging design

Agraria Clarici, Italy
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaging Design

Karelian Industrial Complex, Russia
Frozen Fish Packaging Design

Nambisan’s Dairy, India
Honey Packaging design

Caffè Harar, Italy
Coffee Packaging design

M. F. C., Lybia
Biscuits Packaging Design

Borgovivo, Italia
EVO Oil & Condiments Label Design
(12 ml bottles)


Port Mahé, Italy
Naming, logo, packaging & dispenser design · Sugar Cane

Agricola Tucci, Italy
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Label Design

M. F. C., Lybia
Biscuits Packaging Design


Karelian Industrial Complex, Russia
Frozen Fish Packaging Design

Jusqu’a Foods and Beverages, India
Pomegranate juice packaging design

La Tevana, Italy
Pasta Packaging Design

Nisì, Italy
Jam packaging design


Milky Mist Dairy Foods, India
Paneer Packaging Design

Nambisan’s Dairy, India
Butter packaging design

Crenative, Japan
Tea Packaging Design

Tender Crab, Russia
Surimi Packaging Design


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