About our graphic design studio

The graphic design studio GT&P was founded by Gianluigi Tobanelli in 1985. Born as an advertising agency, with time it comes to corporate and brand design, becoming a graphic agency specializing in branding, with customers from every continent. The Internet has been fundamental to its growth, but also the numerous international awards received over the years have contributed to its development.

We always try to establish lasting partnerships with our customers, devoting ourselves intensely to our work, tailored to them.

We are small but we like to think big; we try to get all the possible advantages from our dimension, because being small makes us attentive to the needs of our customers and united in pursuing the objectives.

We believe that a graphic designer should not only deal with graphics, but must accompany the client on a path of corporate construction. Our graphic design studio tries to make all this reality; we want the client to acquire awareness and certainty of his work from our partnership, which is able to make the most of its brand and improve its products and services.

The graphic design studio GT&P has a wide experience in many sectors, our strength is represented by food and wine, for which, being Italian, we have a natural predilection. We are open to new graphic projects and we put all our passion and dedication into our work, combining tradition and innovation.

Our strengths

We have a great experience

In over thirty years of activity our graphic design studio has developed knowledge, experience and mastery of what we do, creating brands for customers operating in many industrial sectors in different countries.

We are creative

We try in every way to put all our originality in our designs.

We are always open to new experiences

We are curious, we always try to learn new things, we are interested in technological and scientific innovations, art, the various fields of design, because our work is nothing but a mix of all this.

We do everything with passion

We love our work and this emerges from our commitment and the quality of our designs. We work intensively so that our creations fully meet the needs of our customers.

The relationship with the customer first of all

Our actions aim to create long-lasting partnerships, to help the client solve problems of a communicative nature and beyond.

We keep the promises

In addition to the great attention we pay to the quality of graphic design and customer relations, we respect the deadlines and budgets.

Awards & Publications

Over the years, our works have received numerous awards and have been published in many books and magazines worldwide.

Here is a partial list.

LogoLounge Book 10
Rockport Publishers, USA

Abstract logo
Counter-Print, UK

Nature logo
Counter-Print, UK

Indiastar Award 2014
Consumer Packaged Product Design: Nambisan’s Ghee

Human logo
Counter-Print, UK

NO-HA 10 – Directory of International Package Design
ICO, Japan

Alphabet logo
Counter-Print, UK

The Favourite Design Book 2013

Logo Creed: The Mystery, Magic, and Method Behind Designing Great Logos
Bill Gardner e Catherine Fishel, Rockport Publishers, USA

Logos 1
David E. Carter – Bright Books, USA

Logos 2
David E. Carter – Bright Books, USA

Logos 2.0 – 283 Logo Makeovers
David E. Carter – Bright Books, USA

Graphic Designs 1
David E. Carter – Bright Books, USA

Logolounge Master Library, Vol. 4
Rockport Publishers, USA

Trademarks 1
David E. Carter – Bright Books, USA

Package & Design Magazine

May 2011, China

Intl Design Yearbook 2011
MDX, China

NO-HA 9 – Directory of International Package Design
ICO, Japan

Logolounge Master Library, Vol. 2
Rockport Publishers, USA

Logolounge Master Library, Vol. 1
Rockport Publishers, USA

Book of the year
Design and design, France

NO-HA 8 – Directory of International Package Design
ICO, Japan

The ultimate graphic collection
LNST, China

LogoLounge Book 4
Rockport Publishers, USA

Package Form and Design
Pie Books, Japan

Just Labels
Index Book, Spain

Identity Crisis
How Books, USA

Web design index 6
Pepin Press, NL

Color management for logos
Rotovision, UK

LogoLounge Book 3
Rockport Publishers, USA

1000 bags, tags & label
Rockport Publishers, USA

Exploring package design
Thomsom Delmar Learning, USA

09/05, Italy

Graphis Packaging 9
Graphis, USA

World Catalog Expo
Pie Books, Japan

Logos: Making a Strong Mark
Rockport Publishers, USA

IS Direct Mail
IS Publishing Ltd, Hong Kong

Color Graphics
Rockport Publishers, USA

The Best of Business Card 5
Rockport Publishers, USA

Global Graphics: Color
Rockport Publishers, USA

Global Graphics: Symbols
Rockport Publishers, USA

The Art of Design: Inspired by Fine Art, Illustration and Film
How Books, USA

Small Graphics – Design innovation for limited spaces
Rockport Publishers, USA

Direct Response Graphics
Rockport Publishers, USA

Packaging Graphics + Design
Rockport Publishers, USA

DesignNet Magazine
2000/01, South Korea

The European Design Annual 4
RotoVision, UK