Packaging Design

Packaging is the three-dimensional essence of a brand, a collection of colors, images, typography and materials that communicate its personality, informing, evoking, motivating. This is the importance of packaging design!

Packaging is the means through which your brand takes shape and identity, a mix between branding and communication. It is the real point of contact with the consumer, a physical contact, it is in their hands.

A well-made packaging represents an enormous point of strength for the product, because it attracts the consumer’s attention, informs them about what they are about to buy and pushes them to purchase, convincing them of quality and convenience.

What drives us in every work of packaging designers is the desire to combine creativity and information, paying close attention to the choice of materials and environmental issues.

We have a great experience in this field, with a particular fondness for food packaging and wine labels. We have designed packaging for companies operating in many sectors in different countries of the world for over 30 years.


Point of sale material

A good strategy to make your product even more interesting in the eyes of the consumer is to highlight it compared to others with the help of special point of sale displays. In the midst of a great competition like the one found in today’s points of sale, the best products are not only those with the most interesting label, but those that stand out above all in terms of positioning. Studio GT&P also provides an display design service, analyzing the market and the competition.


Direct mail campaigns

Studio GT&P also designs mailing campaigns. Direct marketing is not to be underestimated, because through it, it is possible to create a direct contact with the buyers, involving them through attractive and effective graphics, which increase the conversion rates of the campaigns.

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Rawasi Al Kaleej, Lybia
Pasta packaging design

Mark Global, India
Packaging Design System


Righi, Italy
Gift Card Packaging Design

Master Uni, Russia
Plaster Packaging Design


Diva, Italy
Refreshing Towelette Mailing


Fria, Italy
Refreshing Towelettes Logo, Diplay & Packaging Design


Nubella, Italy
Packaging & logo design

Epoca Inc., U.S.A.
Fry pan logo and packaging design

Fornaci Clarici, Italy
Direct Marketing Campaign

Rotolificio Ro.Ma., Italy
Logo & Packaging design for an ecological thermal rolls brand

Buona Vista, Italy
Logo, Display & Packaging Design


Tessitura Pardi, Italy
Packaging design system

Cantina Rafin, Italy
Wine Packaging Design


Tessuti di Montefalco, Italy
Shopping bag design


Fria Baby, Italy
Baby wipes packaging design


Karelian Industrial Complex, Russia
Frozen Fish Packaging Design

Crenative, Japan
Tea Packaging Desig

Daouk Beauty Store, Lebanon
Cosmetics Packaging Design

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