Jusqu’a Brand Restyling, Pomegranate Juice.

JUSQU’A Foods and Beverages Pvt produces 100% natural pomegranate juices in India, without preservatives or additives.

The company felt the need to completely redesign the identity of its brand.

We have therefore started to restyle the logo, which is also used in packaging.The new JUSQU’A brand revolves around the letter “Q” in the shape of a pomegranate with a red drop in the center to recall the idea of juice.

We have also redesigned the bottle, which we created with an elegant and slender shape, completely different from those of the competition.

The packaging design process of the new conical bottle has been very accurate.The graphics used for the label and the collar is a mixture of the appeal of tradition and the emphasis on the technology of production processes, with a wide use of gold.

Services Realized for the restyling of the Jusqu’a brand: Logo Design, Bottle Design, Packaging Design, Poster Design.