Plastic Repablic Branding

Plastic Repablic is a Russian company leader in the market for plastic home products, which distributes through different brands, each leader for their own market segment.

We have worked with them for several years until the sanctions imposed on Russia have created obstacles to our relationship.

The consultancy has covered all their brands, but above all products for children.

We have created internet sites, packaging design, labels, instruction manuals for the use of products, advertisements, stickers, point-of-sale material, …

We also dealt with product design: an important part of our work was to create product graphics.

We also had designed several catalogs and brochures of the various brands of the company.

Overall it was a very interesting work that brought us into contact with a dynamic reality and with people of great interest.

An experience that has enriched us professionally, but also humanly.

Services Realized: Packaging Design, Brochure and Catalog Design, Product Design, Web Design.