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Diva produces and distributes products for personal care and for the home. The works proposed here are the result of our close collaboration with the company, which lasted over fifteen years.

These are works carried out several years ago, but we like to propose them to our visitors, because their realization was an important moment in our professional growth.

We have worked at 360°, intervening in many aspects of the construction and implementation of corporate and brand identity: from naming to logo design, from packaging design to the creation of brochures and product catalogs, …

Many of the works realized have received international recognition and have been published in books and magazines in various countries.

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During the years of our collaboration, an important part of the company’s activity was the creation of products for airlines on-board services.

We therefore worked on designing all the sales support communication tools. From direct marketing operations, to catalogs, from advertising in trade magazines to the design of exhibition stands.

We have also designed products, such as disposable salt and pepper shakers for on-board service or containers for products.

Services: Naming, Logo Design, Stationery Design, Packaging Design, Brochures and Catalogs Design, Direct Marketing Campaigns, Display Design, Print Advertising.

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salviette rinfrescanti packaging design
brochure design, packaging design, direct marketing
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