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Franco Scacaroni company has been producing quality wooden frames for over 50 years.

Thanks to continuous investments in the production cycle, the company produces with high quality standards, without however forgetting its great artisan tradition, which allows it to offer customers a wide range of choices and customization, because the consumer satisfaction is the their goal and the focus of their communication.

Our task was to build a corporate image consistent with their communication goals.

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Our work of building the brand identity began with the creation of the company logo, which emphasizes the material with which the products are built, wood.

Our intervention was global, from the creation of product catalogs, to the institutional brochure, from the work portfolio to the packaging, to the creation of the website. It, besides the possibility for visitors to obtain directly online the estimate for some products, allows the company, through a reserved area, to receive the orders of the agents, with a great simplification and time saving.

Services: Logo design, Stationery Design, Brochure Design, Catalogs and Portfolio Design, Packaging Design, Website Design, Print Advertising.

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