Nambisan’s Ghee: Product & Packaging Design

Nambisan’s Dairy produces ghee, a clarified butter widely used in Indian cuisine.

Our first activity was the restyling of the logo; we have inserted the old brand in a graphic context that represents the nature of Kerala, the Indian region where the company is located.

The desire to give a strong innovative boost to the image of the product has convinced the company’s management to redesign the containers of ghee, with the aim of creating a completely new packaging, as different as possible from that of its competitors.

We have created a modern conical jar with new labels, with attractive graphics, characterized by a consistent use of gold color, to underline the quality of the product.

The Nambisan’s ghee package won an Indiastar Award in the ‘Consumer Packaged Product Design’ category. Indiastar Awards is the most important prize for the packaging industry in India.

Services realized: Logo Design, Product Design, Packaging Design.

ghee packaging design, grafica burro chiarificato