Nisì, local products brand design.

grafica design marchio logotipo

Nisì is a brand of local products of Pantelleria island. The strong link with the place has led us both in the choice of the name (“island” in Greek) and in the logo design, which, in addition to the waves of the sea, incorporates the silhouette of the Pantelleria lighthouse in the word mark.

We have designed the packaging of many products (from jams to condiments, from biscuits to capers, …) always maintaining the same graphic style.

packaging design biscotti
grafica carta intestata e biglietti da visita, business card and letterhead and envelope graphic design
design etichetta olio extra vergine di oliva, evo oil packaging design

We have created a fully responsive website with an e-commerce section.

We have also designed the product catalogue and sales support materials.

Services Realized: Naming. Logo Design, Packaging Design, Brochure  & Catalog Design, Stationery Design, Web Design.