Desert Bear, Mongolia · Technical Clothing

Collection of logos designed over the years. Many of them have received important international awards and have been published in specialized books and magazines.

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Colle Ciocco, Italy · Wine Producer

AJ Mobilità, Italia · Parking Management

Olio Veronesi, Italy · EVO Oil Producer

Masseria Mazzetta, Italy · Hospitality

Frontier Assicurazioni, Italy · Travel Insurances

Mark Technologies, India · Home Automation

Global Dance Council, India · International Cultural Association

Artigianato Umbro, Italy · Typical Products

Silveta, Japan · Fashion

Az. Agr. F. P., Italy · Wine Producer

Leo Gallery, Malaysia · Art Gallery

Adamantis, Italy · Grappa (Spirits)

Hermes-Sojitz, Honk Kong · Investment Fund

Az. Agr. Rafin, Italy · Winery

Agrifarma, Italy · Agricolture Products

Caffè Greco, Italy · Coffee Producer

WuTong, Russia · Relief Patch

Sophy, Vietnam · Wood Furniture

Az. Agr. Tucci, Italy · E.V.O. Oil

Special Tanks, Italy · Heat Exchangers Manufacturer

Nisì, Italy · Local Products of Pantelleria Island

Angel Starch & Chemicals, India · Modified Starches Manufacturer

Annamode Costumes, Italy · Costumier for Stage and Screen

Jusqu’a, India · Pomegranate Juices

Lattosen, China · Newborn Babies Supplements

Rawasi Al Khaleej, Lybia · Pasta Producer

Az. Agr. Ricciolini, Italy · Wine Producer

Poggio La Luna, Italy · Winery

Agrifood, Italy · Salami Producer

ToroPlant, Croatia · Tanks

Tecnokar, Italy · Semitrailers Manufacturer

San Potente, Italy · Agritourism & Agricolture

Emporio, U.S.A. · Fry Pan Lines

Color Nature, India · Apparels

S.C.T., Italy · Parking Management

Foligno Rugby, Italy · Rugby Team

Exir, U.S.A. · Saffron Producer

Borgovivo, Italy · Agricolture

Bergamo Cafe, Saudi Arabia · Bar

L’Arcavolo, Italy · Fabrics

Doodle Moo, India · Dairy Products

Moncelli, Italy · Winery

Righi, Italy · Apparel

Tessuti di Montefalco, Italy · Fabrics

Eterni, Italy · Foods

Politekne, Italy · Advice

Podere Guzzino, Italy · Wine Producer

Edigraf, Italy · Joint Venture

Gaia Girl, Hong Kong · Fashion

Tessitura Pardi, Italy · Fabrics