Hermes-Sojitz: Visual Identiy Project.

The Hermes-Sojitz Investment Fund, based in Hong Kong, specializes in investments in Asia, Africa and Russia.

Our task was to create, starting from the logo design, the image of the Fund, with the aim of creating a visual and brand identity system that communicates clearly and effectively the company’s structure and strategic objectives.

Logo design: the graphic synthesis revolves around the initials “H” and “S” (the letter S is formed by two tiny H), to underline the fact that the Fund was born from the close collaboration between two shareholders, one European and the other Japanese.

We then moved on to establishing the rules for using the brand, creating a brand book that defines the guidelines to guarantee the faithful application of the brand identity.

letterhead design, business card design, grafica carta intestata, design biglietto da visita

We then dealt with the creation of various basic elements of brand identity.

We designed the letterhead and the business cards and the graphics of the company vehicles.

Brochure design

We also created the corporate brochure, where we transmitted the company’s personality and values ​​in a strong and coherent manner.

Services Realized: Logo Design, Brand Manual, Stationery Design, Brochure Design