Wine Label Design

Of course you cannot judge a book only from the cover, but this certainly can help in the choice, so a beautiful label is the first step, it is what brings the consumer closer and helps the wine to get noticed. Then everything depends on the product.

It is essential for wine producers to take great care of the graphic aspect of their wine labels and have a professional comparison in order to create a packaging that tells their product, and create a label that represents them.

The label must have a strong correlation with the type of wine you want to sell: a high-quality wine needs to be accompanied by an elegant and refined label, while for a wine of inferior quality it is better to opt for a more essential graphics, because a beautiful label, creating too many expectations in the consumer, destroys a modest wine. Wine packaging must attract for the colors, for the images, for the shape, for the sensations that this evokes in the consumer.

Studio GT&P has always paid a lot of attention to the creation of wine and spirits labels. We put our thirty-year experience in this sector in every wine label that we design, with sophisticated solutions both in terms of design and printing technology or materials.

Our winery services are not limited to the graphics of wine labels or packaging in general, but they include everything necessary for the communication of a winery: from naming to the study of the logo, from the design of brochures, catalogs and of the technical sheets to the creation of the exhibition stand, from the creation and realization of the website to the design of advertisements.

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